About Kosmic

The bubble of the ‘old’ paradigm burst 20 years ago for me and since then I have felt compelled to communicate what I had learned to those around me.

Specifically, I was called to introduce others to these mind-blowing concepts. To help clue them into the fact that there is SO much more to this world, to the universe, and to our-selves than we’ve been trained to thinkā€¦ AND, of course, to have fun while doing it!!

As someone who worked in film/video I began expressing my feelings in that medium. I made some experimental films, then made actual Kosmic Sense episodes which began streaming on my website 3 years ago. Admittedly, I am not a gifted self-promoter so not many have seen my work.

Throughout my on-going learning process I have come across SO many amazing and inspiring teachers and I will also use this blog to introduce you to them by posting their articles, books, and videos. All of which I hope will aid your own personal and unique transformation from your common to your Kosmic sense!

Thanks for reading and I wish you the most glorious day!!!