Put on Your Magic Sunglasses

It’s not often that I find myself identifying with old B movie protagonists let alone with an all-star wrestler, but, well, it happens…

Composite image of ads with hidden meaning

‘They Live’ is a film where the protagonist, former superstar wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, comes upon a ‘cult’ of people who gift him some magical sunglasses that let him ‘see’ aliens! Specifically, the people and their glasses reveal to Rowdy Roddy that aliens have invaded the earth and, with the help of a small number of greedy evil humans, have taken over our world and dominate us with all forms of extra-subliminal advertising. When a human puts on these amazing sunglasses they get to see/read the real advertising messages, and even see the disguised aliens themselves that walk amongst us! We all now walk in step with their alien agenda without knowing it. Time for Rowdy Roddy to pile-drive one of those evil aliens!!… Press pause *

Today I walked past a billboard for a popular juice beverage, but like in They Live-without sunglasses- I realized ‘oh that’s right, it’s not really juice’. In truth, it’s 1/2 water, then 1/3 corn syrup, then a splash of fruit juice, some coloring agents and boom-juice! Juice?!? Really?!? Seems more like juice flavored sugar water (??). I continue walking around, seeing ads from Diet sodas full of poisonous aspartame, ads for banks proposing to ‘Help you with your money’ when really they’re enslaving you to debt, and current ‘Healthcare’ which is really a ‘maintained sickness for profit’ model. Did I even press pause on the betamax or what?!?!? I’m walking around in ‘They Live’ right now! We all are. It’s like the world is a giant B movie riddle. So here we sit, operating old lives in old paradigms, waiting. Waiting for Roddy Piper to put the sleeper hold on a bad guy. Waiting for the bad guys to be revealed on the TV. Waiting for the rest of the world to put their magic sunglasses on and ‘SEE’ whats going on…

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